The Australian crocodile of Assange – the hero or the criminal?


           The Australian crocodile of  Assange – the hero or the criminal?

 As the person, he has thrown down a challenge to hypocrisy of all governments, the state structures, certainly he is a Hero. As the leader among the network resources which have given the compromising evidence on the state organizations – the outstanding showman. In what, actually a crime? The publication in mass-media of materials? And materials original, not forged. Wide interest and not less an extensive discussion. Information leakage? It is necessary to search for criminals stolen or lost documents. And here the publication? The encroachment on the edition, the publication is an encroachment on a freedom of speech of which so the Old World is proud.

 It is the conflict of interests of the state, the rights of the person and a small group of old vegetables which have forgotten that they a microscopic part of this mad world. The conflict in the countries with the developed democracy, more than absurd. Absurd, but real and growing. The governmental organizations, the largest corporations, banks, payment systems, politicians, and even presidents of the largest countries are involved. Well and certainly hackers. Hackers who pry anywhere, at the slightest pretext and without cause have suddenly woken up. Have casually remembered that it is them too, with any side concerns.

                                    In what the conflict?

 This truth is covered by a gloom and a fog. I can safely assume that in materials which aren’t published yet. I suppose that it is really important information which will plunge billions peacefully dozing citizens of all countries and the people into shock. At citizens of the postcommunist states of illusions special isn’t present, they have got used to lawlessness. For them will be disappointment that hopes of worthy life is a myth. For the Western world – all is much more difficult. Tons of the facts that and their children do brainless idiots of them for service of a small group of bastards and geeks. Who does it do? Presidents, the governments, the state structures and the organizations in which citizens pay that would protect them. Yes well? Well, banal corruption of mongrels with presidents. It not for the nervous. If it will publish, the world will certainly shudder. Certainly won’t collapse. But the crushing blow will be struck to belief in the western ideals. Banks, payment systems – the first have scented wrong and have blocked accounts. I have noticed that some businessmen have foreseen crisis long before him have planned. Improbable intuition! Civilized speculators are afraid not of hackers, they are afraid of chaos.

 So he, has actually published?


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