Publish articles and links. This is not a directory comments for posting links.

The spy – the Magician ххх continues to behave outrageously – steals sockets, substitutes IP. Forgets old kind magic and England. Only mail boxes Metallodekor Nizhni Novgorod will reliably protect your secrets ! For communication – the Password – “At you is a slavic case?” The mail box is guarded by malicious and terrible spider Google, its Magician is afraid.

If vodka stir to work, Well it to a devil, this work!

Assange – a way of the hero. New articles from Foma. Only on our site.

At will gluten allergy symptoms we place drawing of a bear. “Russia it not only bears who go on Red Square”. Heading – medicine and health.
  Asters. 60х70 a canvas, oil. It is placed with the permission of the author. Korney F. – is a part of the Union of Artists of Russia. Works of the artist are in art galleries of Vitebsk, Green Gury, Philadelphia, in private collections of America, Germany, Sweden, Holland. The artist works in style of Russian impressionism.

After criticism Save youtube videos, to present new works by designers. Non-standard design solution – grilles in the nursery. Design – Project Pionkina V. It is placed with the permission of the author.

Advertizing. Open Company “Metallodekor” Nizhni Novgorod is an art, quality, prestige.

At translations of articles into other languages the direct reference on a site – is obligatory. You can place translated articles on the given blog together with advertizing of your site. We will make for you banners and drawings. You can place translations of articles into this blog. For this purpose it is necessary to be registered. If transfer is correct, you can place to three direct references on your sites (from each article). Your transfers and references will be placed on other my sites. Placing without the consent of the author is forbidden. Translated article too object of the copyright (the explanatory, for those who doesn’t know) and belongs to the author, instead of the translator. You should translate into language which well own. The list of articles offered by authors for transfer – in the bottom of the main page. Translation from Russian on any language. In the same place the list of already translated articles which it is not necessary to translate. Your offers and wishes will be carefully considered. Be registered, and a flag to you in hands!

1. Алмазный зуб Австралийского крокодила.

2. Летающие кабачки или новые Франкенштейны.

3. Браво, принц! Быть или не быть, вот в чем вопрос!

4. Австралийский крокодил Ассандж – герой или преступник?

5. Чэпман – шпионка, разведчица или новая Роза Люксембург?

After a new train of espionage scandals, exposures and discussions in a press and on the given blog the decision on creation of new projects is accepted. The club of Knights of the Raincoat and the Dagger “Crazy colonel” and an entertaining resource for all Knights – a portal of a porno-art.rf of the Purpose, a problem, the Rule are specified. Wishes are pertinent.


Top secret. Don’t speak. Publish!

Yandex – information stronghold of obscurantism?

Stolen from the enemy, pay taxes!

Congratulations on March 8

Question to Putin V. V.

Russia, for primitive democracy paid unreasonably high price – disorder of the great country. Destroying elementary democratic freedoms, you depreciate all efforts and people victims.

I wait for the honest answer.

The question is published on the main page of a site.

Правда и ложь резидента.

Часть 1. Молочные пеструшки чекистов.


Шалун, шарманка и пушечное мясо богатенького Буратино.


Змий Савраскин или Кандоны Российской Империи. Незамутненный взгляд гада из норы.

Новая статья от Фомы. NEW!

We congratulate from coming 2012 hamsters and other living creatures!

Swan, Cancer, Pike and the Merry fellow

The author, you should know!

Your literary masterpiece will be read by competitors.

Because articles published on the blog are visible to all visitors.

the visitor of a site told it is the real popularity.

Slaves to system. Windows. New article (in Russian).

To expropriate Bill – 2. New article (in Russian).

Slaves to system. Brussels sprout. New article (in Russian).


 About CIA, Mossad and world musical culture. Pussi and sir Paul. New article (in Russian).

Snowden. Farmers CIA against beekeepers FSB. New article (in Russian).

Snowden. Intelligence agencies of Europe against the CIA. New article (in Russian).

Snowden. Revenge of the agent and the strange response of the President. New article (in Russian).

Snowden. NSA against presidents.  New article (in Russian).

Snowden. Twenty little Niggers NSA. New article (in Russian).

Diana and sir Paul. Purely English show. New article (in Russian).

Duel of Titans. New article (in Russian).

Discussion of articles of Authors in comments. Your advertizing on site pages in comments is allowed. Direct references place in articles. Rules for the publication of your articles.

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